Virtual Furniture Replacement: How it Make your Home Lively

Today, buying a home can be very difficult, let alone decorating it according to your own taste would take all the time in the world. But thanks to technology for furniture replacement and home staging services, it becomes so easy and effortless.

Moreover, visualizing all the things that you could do to make your house your happy place is rather difficult specially furniture replacement. That is where we come in, because we have this top of the line yet very cost-effective technology, and it’s becoming a very powerful tool in today’s world, well! We like to call it virtual staging..

How Does It Work? 

Virtual Staging is a technology that helps you take digital photos of empty rooms and insert furniture and rugs or curtains according to your liking, where you can also change the color of the walls.

This helps the client to visualize - how their potential home might look like in the future, also help them connect emotionally to that particular place.

Since we know its potential now, we would like to tell you that we have developed a team of professionals and technical to walk you through virtual Decor. Our method enables us to use contemporary and trendy designs to cater to your needs and make your home lively.

Why Virtual Staging Is Important? 

Let me tell you a secret, does it surprise you, when you see perfectly designed rooms, that are impeccable and sweeps you off your feet and yet look highly functional, if you think they exist in reality, you are very mistaken because most of them are often virtually staged photos.

If you have a property that has outstanding qualities and has various sellable points, then too whoever’s up for buying it is the one who is visualizing how would this place look.

If he/she were to make changes decor-wise, Thus, Virtual staging is the perfect solution for mainly 3 reasons: 

1) Right furniture arrangement 

2) Flexibility - through the use of AR and VR. 

3) Saves time and is cost-efficient 

Let me explain these pointers to help you get a better understanding.

1) Right furniture arrangement

Most houses are made and decorated from the buyer’s point of view. Like he/she is the one to tell the interior designer about what type of furniture they need and how should they be placed in their house.

It’s very important for a buyer to feel emotionally attached to a house, which they would be calling “home". 

2) Flexibility – 

Through the use of AR and VR, flexibility falls into the hands of highly skilled interior designers.

To use furniture at home using virtual reality and augmented reality, in this process they take any empty room, reproduces it with the help of modern software using augmented reality or virtual reality stages it with Randy furniture and accessories. 

3) Saves time and money 

Virtual staging costs very less in the capital than using the traditional way of staging furniture across rooms, and moreover, it also saves your time.

In virtual staging, you can add anything anywhere without actually investing in the furniture, decor, other extra decors, and the labor charges to get them delivered to see how they look. Thus this process is far more viable than anything right now. 

Now a question might be arising in your minds, as to why...

Why Do I Need Virtual Furniture Replacement?

Today decorating and redecorating would take too much time and effort as well as capital. If we place our properties to be empty, then you will not be able to sell properties due to a lack of perspective for home buyers.

With virtually staged, properties to your liking would help you to sell them even faster. Rather than the traditional way architects, real estate agents and property owners prefer virtual staging.

At Virtual Decors, we have highly skilled virtual staging professionals and interior designersthat work in strategic flow to make your property look magnetic. Because it is better than physically staging which is quite difficult to practice and implement.

It becomes easier for them to virtually perform all measurements and fit in really existing furniture and enhance their skills by putting furniture more skillfully to achieve the best look and functionality.

By using, this process of virtual furniture replacement or virtual staging we can easily, very cost-efficiently, and yet achieve the best look possible.

At Virtual Decors, we do it quite efficiently with technology that supports our vision technicians and designers supporting us to achieve your perfect virtually staged property.

And despite its phenomenal benefits here’s an important note to consider… How to take photos of virtually staged photos?

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