How Virtual Home Staging Gives a Kick Boost to Home Sales

Would you like to know how virtual home staging and architectural 3D rendering boost your property sale

You will be amazed to know studies found virtual home staging can expand your property sales by 82%'.

A National Association of Realtors study reveals that '77% of buyers said staging a home made it easier for them to visualize the property as a potential future home'. 

What is Virtual Staging?

Virtual staging is a computerized graphical process for interior design where furnishings and fixtures are added to the image through software by professional designers. 

The professional home staging companies will help you to create highly realistic images that look real to live objects in the property. It is a cost-effective way and the best alternative to traditional home staging. 

Thriving high in the industry, Virtual Decors has established a profound sense of authenticity accordingly to the client's demand. We believe designs emerge from different ideas and inspirations that will excite buyers in your property. Our process of creating a design consists of many road-maps on which we prioritize you and your idea.

Following further, it is necessary for you to know why we so much emphasis on generating realistic property images.

Why is Realistic Virtual Staging for Real Estate Most Important?

  • In alteration to traditional home staging, vacant homes need to look relevant for buyers. Virtual staging gives realistic stimulation of the property.
  • It is easier to sell with realistic staging.
  • As your property is listed online anyone can view it. You don't have to move your single finger convincing buyers for the property.

Five Reasons How Virtual Staging Gives a Kick Boost to Your Property Sell:

1. Sales Boost/ Quick Turnaround:

Virtual home staging for real estate is a powerful digital marketing tool.

In the current situation of a global pandemic, it will not surprise you that "online searches for homes have increased by 90%". It is a win-win tool for buyers as well as sellers. 

Home Buyers particularly look for homes with aesthetic visuals this is a top reason why virtual home staging attracts global buyers. It helps you to exhibit property easily and buyers to find it through your marketing and email subscription.

Due to the availability of viewing the property from anywhere online, it gives your property sales boost.

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2. Pocket-Friendly/ Cheaper Than You Thought:

Traditional home staging has been a lot of effort and money. With Virtual home staging, you don't have to find laborers and invest a huge amount of money in the staging home by adding real furniture. You can save more than you thought.

Traditional home staging consists of multiple fees and expenses such as initial consultation, rearranging/ de-cluttering, service fees, staging fees, transportation, etc. it will cost you nearly $1000 to $ 2000. Whereas Virtual home staging will cost you one-time charges less than $700.  

3. Flexible Designs According to The Target Audience:

The best part of virtual home staging is it looks commendable, anyone can barely tell the difference that it's virtually staged. It looks real in fact it feels real. The professional home staging company takes care of everything right from fabric texture to object shadows. 

It helps buyers to visualize every single detail of the property. 

4. Global Market to Target:

You can display your property wherever there is the internet. Selling properties to an international audience never have been easy before. Virtual staging also makes it interesting because of the wide scope of objects that you can ask a virtual staging company to add. 

Through advertisements, websites, and social media you can reach out to anyone. Buyers can have access to listed property anytime - anywhere.

Through tech, time and place is not a barrier anymore. 

5. Unlimited Option with Super Speed:

Virtual staging gives you unlimited options such as customizable furniture, different textures on different objects, and a wide range of color pallets, etc. that to in 2 or 3 business days according to the project effortlessly.

Traditional home staging has the least options for choosing dining, furniture, and the texture of doormat. 


Do you realize how influential Virtual home staging is? 

It can help you grow your business exponentially. Counting on these 5 reasons I guess you might have cleared most of your doubt if not you can go through our portfolio and know-how engaging virtual home staging is.

At Virtual Decors, we focus on the authenticity of the design while maintaining the market trends. We create virtual home staging that you would love. 

The main motive of Virtual Decors is to create virtual home staging that helps you to exhibit your properties to their best extend.

Let us know which of the above reason you found most relevant?

Contact us to know more about virtual staging services at Virtual Decors.

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