Restyling Your Home Using Virtual Remodeling Services

Restyling is a big chunk! Me and my partner decided to shift with Molly and Bella (our cats), and Toby (our dog) from Washington to Las Vegas, Nevada. Being the creative head big task fell under my court. Restyling the home! In the beginning, I was super excited but as time passed it got tricky. 

Our house was a super mess... and we wanted to sell our house quickly as possible. There was work needed in the bathroom for plumbing. The wallpaper, table, furniture, and almost everywhere, there are cats scratch marks. The paint on the balcony was getting out in layers. The basement was sticking with mice. The kitchen sink was overflowing.

After finding out, this will create problem while finding clients for selling the house. We struggled hard for finding right things for renovation.

I was having a conversation with Mom; she suggested few Professional virtual Remodeling service provider in the USA.  After hours of research and stalking virtual remodeling service websites we contacted

Well, unlike you, I was not having an idea, What Virtual remodeling is?

After a conversation with the manager at Virtual Decors, we were guided with everything. After Virtual remodeling and home staging services by Virtual Decors, we sold our house in just 3 days. We got a good response with 12+ clients who were desperate to buy the home, because of such excellent response we ended up increasing the price by $6000+.

After the hustle-bustle! Of finding the clients and selling the property, I decided to write a guide to help you. This guide will help you if you are looking forward to selling the property or try to remodel your home for yourself.

This blog is beneficial if you are Home sellers, architects, developers, and real estate agents

What is Virtual Remodeling?

The virtual remodeling process includes changing the items in the home through graphical stimulation. Through virtual remodeling, you can try and change furniture, fixture, and decor. This is - everything that can be changed physically.

Excluding the size and shape of the property, Virtual remodeling software applications make it effortless to explore options for your interior design. It is a fun and cost-effective way for making a financial decision. It will give you a broader perspective from simple home renovations to large remodeling projects.

How does virtual home remodeling service help you in restyling your home? 

You should remodel your home -

• If you are planning to keep the home - 

Renovation of your house will make you feel afresh and new. If you go the virtual way you can see whether your desired changes are exactly the way you want or you need something different.

• If you are planning to sell the home -  

Virtual remodeling will give the potential buyer an insight into the possibilities of how they can make changes in the existing apartment. You can present the property most attractively and highlight the features that you like.

• If you are planning to rent the home -

Renovation objectives are to boost the possibilities of renting the place quicker then virtual renovation will help you envision the inevitable changes that are obliged to make the place much more appealing and comfortable.

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Benefits of Virtual Remodeling:

1. Get Competitive Offers for your Property with Virtual Remodeling 

Homebuyers simply scroll and switch around until they find impressive and competitive options. People look for their future home as a source of happiness and bright hopes. - That’s what a beautiful interior makes them feel like!

Create a beautiful and realistic virtual staging with staging experts and let the magic begin. Using virtual home remodeling CGI software, CGI Artist will make remodeling effortless and appealing to more prospects.

2. Virtual Remodeling Save your Time and Money

Physical renovation is an expensive process. Managing to make an entire interior that will look good altogether can be a very tough job which may incorporate many errors and expenses. While renovating the home, it’s difficult to visualize the final cost of the entire project. Rental furniture also costs a lot of money depending on the objects utilized.

Whereas in Virtual home remodeling you can test and try as much as you want. It consumes less time, less money, and less effort. It gives you high-quality realistic virtual home staging and beautiful property visuals.

3. It Works for both Interior and Exterior

3D software for Virtual staging allows CGI professionals to select any materials, the color of walls, flooring, decor, and remove or add furniture. At Virtual Decors, there are trained interior designers team to understand what color scheme will emphasize the advantages of the property.

With virtual home staging, it is convenient to improve house exteriors, fix the lightings, and color exposures of the sky. Using 3D soft, distracting items like garbage bins, fix the fence, add more greenery to the lawn and garden, repaint the walls, put street decor and furniture can be removed.

4. You can Choose any Style, any Trend, and any Palette

It is possible with virtual staging studios, Real estate agents, and home sellers can be relaxed and leave the burden for experts. At Virtual Decors, they have the necessary software, equipment, and digital furniture library for remodeling. With virtual home remodeling and staging the only limit is your imagination! 

Every material available physically can be added to the property image, costume-made furniture is also one of the greatest advantages of virtual remodeling at the Virtual Decors.

5. Advertising with Virtual remodeling is powerful

Well executed advertisement campaigns with virtual remodeling look simply stunning. Photorealistic, stylish and elegant images bring the crowd. You can post the pictures on social media; display them on the listing website to generate more visibility for your property.

Real estate marketing agents can use it for Google, Facebook, and Instagram advertising and be sure that viewers don't pass their eyes over their dream home and click on the advertisement right away. You can also use images for offline ads.

Things to Remember while Remodeling:

1. Use Murals to Give Life to Space

Right Mural paintings can lift up your space. Choose a Mural according to your liking but make sure it stands out and grabs attention. It will make you look elite.

2. Mix Old and New Decor

Mix and match make you look like - 'you know your thing' as Caleb Anderson says "Old and new belong together. A mix of modern pieces and antiques never tires."

3. Liven Up Ordinary Spaces With Wallpaper

I tried in my corridor, believe me, it seems so fine and elegant.

4. Upgrade Your Light Switches

Lighting switches! Yes, if you have a house with a white wall and red elements, golden lighting switches looks royal.

5. Go Deep

Trying bold and dark colors. The rich Benjamin Moore midnight blue on an accent wall, it's darker than ever imagined will make your whole space alive.


Virtual remodeling your home is the optimal solution to all problems with the property look. The fast, money-saving option for your property will turn out to be your best investment. You can avoid errors and look for elegance in your property. 

By using virtual home remodeling services, realtors and homeowners can choose the interior based on the target audience and expenses. Above all benefits, the final images of the virtually staged images are multipurpose you can share them on social media, website, and to your social network, offline and online advertisements, it is best proven for leasing. 

Virtual Decors has consistently been on point when it comes to virtual technology and services. To get the best deal to form VD studio contact now.

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