Building the Right Home Staging Property for Quick Sale

“Come walk in!” Building a home staging for your property will help you bring honest and strong prospects. 

Constructively, staging is becoming more and more popular in the real estate business after every crisis hit. You know the reason why! It’s’ only because people prefer to take a close look at the property and elements around even before visiting the site. No one wants to waste their time. 

Have you noticed? Why staging your home can increase sales? 

Now when that the services come in handy without investing your money in advanced technology and time in learning all minute details of it. You can actually hire professional services in a cost-effective availability. Staging a home for a quick sale is far easier now than compared to the traditional setup. You get all variety of choices in one go. 

Before looking into tips and advantages let me walk you around some details. 

What is Staging?

Home staging is for residence for sale in the real estate marketplace. The purpose of virtual staging is to attract the highest number of potential home buyers. Home staging is done for selling out the property quickly and make more money.

The virtual home staging technique focuses on improving the property’s appeal. It ensures a welcoming and attractive product that homebuyers can live in and desire to purchase the property. 

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Virtually staging a house for sale requires a monetary investment whereas it could be the greatest investment from the prospect of selling the property in an effective manner. It is not just decorating the space; it includes the understanding of the market, home buyers, neighborhood, and market trends.

For the home buyer, it is one of the most important decisions of life to get the home of their dream. They look for a home where they can stay comfortable with their family.

Advantages of Home Staging

1. Quick sale higher quotes:

It has been a topic of debate for the last few years whether or not staging actually helps for getting a higher offer. Recent research on virtual staging states “virtual home staging get 79% better results than traditional home staging”.

Virtually staging your home for sale, not only helps in selling the property quickly but also in getting a higher price for the same property. 

2. Higher quotes

The primary goal of virtual staging is to get buyers interested in the property. If multiple people are interested in bidding then the real war begins for the property. In this situation, you get all the benefits. The catch here is to make your property alluring.

Take a look at the statics by the National Association of realtors’ 2017 profit of home staging, “Over 29% agents claim an increase in 1 to 5% of the increase in dollar value” “21% reported 8 to 10% increase in price”, and 5% reported 11 to 15 % hype”. The relation between staging and final staging price isn’t clear, but virtually staged homes create more interest in buyers. This is more likely to get higher offers because of the demand.

3. Maximizing space:

A professional virtual home staging company like Virtual Decors knows how to get the most out of every room. It is known as the science behind the home arrangement. 

If your home is quite small, staging can help you in presenting the open area of your home rather than focusing on the smaller area. Virtual staging can give a clear purpose. 

When home buyers see how space is utilized they are less likely to get hung up on a small floor plan which will increase the chances of buying.

4. Cost effective:

As compared to traditional staging, virtual home staging is far cheaper. It cut off labor and furniture charges. The cost of staging a home for sale depends on the elements and the space of the property. 

The report says investing in virtual home staging has benefited real estate agents, developers, architects, homebuilders and individual home sellers. Return on staging a home is much higher than investment on it. It is the best way to make your property available for more people.  

Home Staging Tips for Better Results

  1. You should clean every part of the house. It will show the potential buyers that you take care of your home.

  2. Declutter - the two main reasons are - one it distracts buyers from a focus on features of the home. Second, it makes seem like there is more space. 

  3. Do not hand your photos and achievement when staging the home. The point is to simply depersonalize the space.

  4. Make your home look fresh. No wonder we all like fresh and good-smelling places. Simply potting fresh flowers and cleaning dust do all the magic.

  5. Another way to make your home fresh is to get rid of odors. Pets, damp bathrooms, kids, etc might make the home smell. You can use essential oils, herbs, candles, and an air purifier that can freshen up your house.

  6. Make sure your room has a clear and well-defined purpose. Effectively presenting a home with cleared use of space will help buyers make decisions.

  7. Choose the right wallpaper, paint, and elements. Studies say every color has its own meaning and it triggers specific emotions. White resembles purity and innocence, purple for royalty and spirituality, gray for wisdom and balance.

  8. Flooring- an elegant flooring of hardwood or beautiful carpet can do wonders.

  9. You can take advantage of your home’s natural lights. Open the curtain and blinds; it will naturally make your home look open, brighter, and fresh.

  10. Furniture of the room must be in proportion with space. Remember not to clutter your room.

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 According to the National Association of retailer - the living room, kitchen, owner’s bedroom, and dining area are the space most commonly staged.


Professionally staged homes sell more quickly. With Virtual Decors, you get the advantage of years of experience and expertise in the field of Virtual Staging & 3D Rendering Services. You can focus on selling your property whereas we will look after making your property elegant and impressive. 

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