5 Sneaky Ways to Create Perfect 360 Virtual Tours

Creating a virtual tour for your real estate property can be exciting, yet a very important marketing tool. Let's gear-up know what you need to make one for your property. 

Authentic 360 virtual tours for real estate is a real responsibility. The real estate industry has been changing massively because of trends and technology. Having a perfect location, design or decor is never enough if you can’t sell it to potential buyers.

Virtual tours are perfect for homebuyers searching remotely as you can make this tour available worldwide. Potentially, Virtual tours are an innovative trend.

If you are keen to make your virtual tour for real estate by yourself or else if you are a professional photographer or just started now for 360 tours then you must read this blog till the end.

Let's discover few essential things you need, procedures and tips for a better and hyper-realistic 360 virtual tour.

  • Essentials
  • Procedure - How to make a 360 virtual tour for real estate
  • Tips


1. Camera:

Shooting your real estate property for 360 images is pretty basic and fun to do. But shooting images with a normal camera will be more than tricky. For a virtual tour, 360 cameras are considered the best. 

360 cameras are not those conventional cameras that we use for photographs or 360 images cannot be shot by your regular phone. best 360 degree cameras have a flat sensor, back to back lenses capturing 180-degree angle.

You will get spherical, stretched out the image of the property with is later edited and integrated by the professionals.

While buying a camera you must look for the camera for higher image quality, easy workflow, fisheye lenses, and stretching quality so that is easier to edit. 

2. Tripod:

While buying a tripod stand you must look for a steady and well-balanced stand. You must consider the images from elevation when shooting the exterior of the property. In this case, buying an expensive tripod stand for a 360 virtual tour will not help. 

You go for light stand it is super affordable and steady even when shooting on elevation. You can also attach it with a ball head in between the camera and tripod Ball head will help you to get the angle of the 360 camera correctly even if shooting on slope ground.

How To Make A 360 Virtual Tour For Real Estate

Step 1 - Set up your camera:

Set up your camera with a tripod stand and ball head. Pair up your camera with the preferred app and control it through that.

Make sure to set ISO(International Organization for Standardization) to the lowest number possible and set resolution on highest. Make sure your HDR function is on if it is there in the camera, Having HDR will make a huge difference in clarity. But even if not then it's fine, the image can be cleared in editing don't worry if you don't have HDR in the camera. 

Step 2 - The house setting:

Being minimal is the key when setting house for a 360 virtual tour. Start with removing all unnecessary things such as mats, shampoo bottles, turn on the all lights available, adjust the dining, furniture, bed sheet, and open up the windows and doors.

If you have greenery then opens up the curtains to show it. 

Step 3- Get ready for a click:

After setting up your camera; place it in the middle of the room or in front of the door from where every corner is visible. Then you have to go out of the room from where you will not be visible.

Have a 360 scan of the room through the app so that you have a clear idea if the room is looking perfect. Check the lighting. Adjust your camera settings accordingly. 

Then click the photo, if you are new to it then you will get to know 360 photos look stretched out and spherical. You will have to repeat it with every room.

Real estate virtual tour must have an accessible hotspot in the hallway, backyard, all rooms, bathroom, and exterior as well As it creates a better experience.

Step 4- Enhancing the images by editing:

This is highly recommended as it gives a professional touch. Editing 360 Image makes a whole lot of difference in lightings and hues.

If you want to give a professional look to a virtual tour you can visit the Virtual Decors website and upload your images and our experts will take care of it.

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Easy Tips That You Might Miss On

  • Keep your gear steady.
  • Keep your camera low for most of the shoot.
  • Capture what your audience wants to see. 
  • Be mindful of what your audience shouldn't see.
  • Make sure the property is ready to be photographed.
  • Edit your images after the shoot.
  • Create 3D virtual tour that is easy to navigate.


Creating a perfect property virtual tour can be easy but uploading high-quality images is a big thing. Check out images of what editing can do to your property.

Virtual Decors has experts doing it for you. We have Specialist and experts in 360 virtual tours and Interactive virtual reality who make your industrial, commercial and residential premises perfectly - Nationwide!

We hope this will help you to create perfect 360 virtual tours. Leave your comments below with your own tips and tricks to make the perfect property virtual tours!

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