How 3D Rendering Can Help Pre-Sell Your New Property

Today, architectural rendering in 3D is one of the best technology that an architect, real estate agent, and developers can use at ease. It's a true gift for developers and realtors out there.

Back in the day, it was very tough selling unfinished properties. Moreover, presenting blueprints to clients or drawings or unfinished constructions was too much of a work and ends up with unsatisfied customers.

Thus it became troublesome to sell such properties or bring clients to view the sites. One of the main reasons was that nobody wanted to see pictures of unfinished dwellings, as they didn't look impressive.

Blueprints and drawings of architectural designs are pretty hard to understand. But we are here to put an end to all that misery. When this tool came into the hands of our professionals, it made our lives easy.

Let’s see how 3D rendering can help you sell commercial and residential properties quickly and 7 different ways how we at Virtual Decors make use of these 3D rendering services to put things into perspective for your property sell.

Since now, we have a basic understanding of what 3D rendering is.

Let's see what all things it can do and help you pre-sale your new property.

1) Transparency:

Here is an important pointer, which hugely helps the sales of properties. When an (XYZ) property is about to be bought, customers want to list its benefits.

They want to consider all options. Followed a row of questionnaires, answered by realtors or developers. Questions like, can we fit an L-shaped sofa in the living room? Is the suite bathroom big enough? Is there enough room to accommodate a joint family?

Not only setting up 3D rendering design services helps to pre-sale the property. But also help to answer all concerns of clients and list all the potential benefits of the property.

Showing transparency to the clients helps in pre-selling the property and shows our potential buyers what they would gain from making such purchases.

2) Connection:

For anyone, buying a property is one of the biggest decisions they could make during their lives.

Research shows, people tend to purchase properties to which they feel emotionally connected in some way.

Moreover, the emotional connection could not be achieved through, blueprints or drawings. But by using 3D rendering services helps stir those emotions of excitement and delight.

3) Previewing:

The aforementioned is supposed to be the most prominent benefit, being able to view properties before they are even established.

For example, if you book a piece of land or a plot you like and book a viewing.  You can seamlessly choose from N number of designs we have in store for you at Virtual Decors.

Moreover, let our team help you to form a better mental picture of how your dream home would look like!

Consider this similar experience when it comes to pre-sales.

You like some plot moreover; you find a way to book a viewing. You enter the construction site merely to see tons of concrete and steel being used to make your house, not inspiring, is it?

But by using the 3D real-estate rendering system we can deliver a photorealistic service to our clients to help them visualize and have a better understanding rather than staring at an empty plot.

4) Marketing:

Aside from producing web content to showcase our pre-sale development, it is essential to produce marketing material for distribution.

Having a surfeit of potential media outlets can help you to promote your pre-sale development. Just using photographs makes your marketing plan look plain and simple and often conceived as lacking substance.

That's where marketing with 3D renderings comes in, it increases your marketing ROI (Return On Investment). That is because a detailed 3D rendered visualization instantaneously draws the attention of potential buyers, while blueprints hardly catch anyone's eye.

Photorealistic 3D visualization for real estate makes an impeccable advertising material because the 3D rendering services will look good in magazines digitally and in print too, after creating a buzz on Reedit or any social media platforms.

Realtors and developers will have even more exposure than before. Since it will be easily accessible now, we can even get 3D animations of real estate and show them on TV or YouTube.

5) Upmarket Pricing:

With drawings, it used to be quite tedious to break down the pricing of luxurious real estate.

But while looking at a photorealistic 3D visualization, one can even notice the minor details, helping the buyer to look at all the potential benefits they have if they decide on buying it.

Distinctly, the viewer can see that the house will be built on what type of material and can check if it isn't high-end or sustainable, or easy to maintain.

It doesn't matter where the property resides because, with the help of a 3D rendering service, we can simply get a 3D photorealistic view of the property.

What is more, is that the real estate rendering displays all the potential features required to make that property stand out?

For a precedent, viewers will be able to appreciate the unique architecture and the beautiful landscape design that follows with it in 3D renders.

Thus helping the potential buyers perceive the price tag over the property and understand it’s worth. And this is the Power of 3D rendering in real estate.

6) Flexibility:

Having a flexible marketing strategy today can go a long way in the real estate industry. You must be able to keep adding fresh marketing ideas, along with being up-to-date and original.

Furthermore, you should be able to cater to the needs of all potential customers. And keep a lookout for their changing buying habits.

Because this plays an essential role in pre-sale development.

As we have mentioned before, trying to promote blank slates and drawings and view sites that are still under development. That brings down the morale and excitement of the buyer.

Thus to keep them committed, we should start by rendering flexibility because when a buyer makes a purchase about this big, we need to be prepared to keep their morale and elation levels high by giving them a look at our 3D rendering services.

So the buyer also gets to see what they are paying for.

7) Visualize A Story:

Whenever potential buyers look at a property, they like to envision themselves living there. They want to create a story and maybe various scenarios that play out well in the future.

For instance, they want to see themselves having dinner on the dining table which is closer to the balcony, while a breeze flows through or taking photos while cooking in the kitchen.

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It could be anything. But this could not be achieved at a property that is still in progress.

Nonetheless, it can be achieved via 3D rendering services allowing real estate agents to visualize a story around a property. And be able to easily add some specifics to a property, thus making it look lived-in.

This helps customers to build a story for themselves and run their imaginations wild. These small details help pre-sale properties.

How and Why to Pre - Sell Properties?

First, this concept holds mostly for the properties which are really large developments, like housing estates or skyscrapers. Since these buildings are big or end up covering a vast area.

3D rendering puts us ahead of these actual constructions, like even if the buildings are in their design stages, or even if the physical site is still being gouged.

We tend to have an upper hand, because of the 3D model we have made using the 3D rendering tool. And that is enough to attract potential buyers.

Moreover, to keep those buyers interested, developers tend to add incentives to pre-sales to make the sale more attractive.

Pre-sale is a method only used to increase the cash flow, as funding new construction houses is expensive. Thus the developer has to ensure an easy cash flow to purchase material, labor, etc.

To why it is crucial, is because the capital you generate through pre-sale ensures your project functioning smoothly.

Thus developers promote pre-sales. So if you are into the real estate business, why not check out our Virtual staging services, 3D modeling services, Interactive and VR (Virtual Reality) services at Virtual Decors.

We work with a myriad of professionals who are 3D render specialists. Using our platform, you can easily find an apt 3D designer who can help you take your marketing and digital content to the next level and help you pre-sale your new property faster and efficiently.

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